June News from Tangmere Parish Council

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Council held on 5th April 2018.

Agenda item 2 –  Resignation of the Clerk

The Chairman reported that he had recently accepted the immediate resignation of the Clerk, effective from the end of March 2018. Council resolved to receive the resignation.

Agenda item 3 – to agree a recruitment strategy and interim arrangements

The Chairman reported that subsequent to the resignation of the Clerk he had taken advice from Trevor Leggo at the Sussex Association of Local Councils (SSALC) and consulted with Councillors Beach and Birkett who together with him form the recruitment panel. Trevor Leggo had indicated that he would like to visit the Council and talk about the recent turnover in Clerks. In the meantime he advised the use of a Locum Clerk while a formal recruitment process was undertaken. Mr Leggo had suggested the use of Louise Steele as a Locum Clerk.

At this point the Chairman asked Mrs Steele to leave the meeting. When Mrs Steele was invited back into  it was resolved to appoint Louise Steele as Locum Clerk to the Parish Council until the summer and to ask SSALC to start a formal recruitment process.

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Village Centre Committee Meeting held on 5th April 2018

It was noted that contributions for car parking maintenance were now up to date. Health and Safety Matters – the action point about employing an expert to carry out regular testing is ongoing. Quotes will be obtained.

The Booking Clerk has raised all the invoices for January and February and was currently working on invoices for March. Concerns were voiced over the fact that, again, no reports were presented to the meeting; this time because of the resignation of the Clerk. It was agreed that sorting out the finance system and producing good management information were priorities for the Locum Clerk who undertook to provide the required information.

The foyer requires a different arrangement of doors. Quotes are being sort and design options discussed.  Agreed there will be an Autumn Fete to be held on 16 September. Agreed that a reciprocal arrangement be offered to Boxgrove Parish Council were it to purchase two gazebos; if TPC can borrow those for its fete then TPC will lend its gazebos for Boxgrove’s fete.




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