June News from Pulborough Parish Council

Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee held on 12th April 2018

Snooker Club

Mr Walsh reported that membership was up and it was hoped to enter another league next year. The club is having another table re-covered.

Cricket Club

Mr Woolgar reported that the 1st match had been held 2 weeks previously, at home. There were a couple of new players coming in. The club had managed to get 6 sponsors for the new club banners, so some revenue was coming in. Unfortunately, they hadn’t stipulated the size of banner and one is going to be very large.

Pulborough Football Club

Mr Reilly reported that the Sports & Social Club had funded some new nets but sadly these had been slashed by vandals. They have been repaired as best they could and are now being kept locked up. Councillors and Clerk will advise the Neighbourhood Wardens of this incident, as there has been report of at least one other property slashing incident in the village recently, which the wardens are aware of.

Sports & Social Club

Mr Walsh said the club had had a good start to the year, particularly compared to a year ago. He discussed a resident’s complaint about noise following a recent event at the social club, advising that the event had finished within the licensed time. It was hoped to have stewards giving local residents advance notice in future. The Clerk confirmed that the complainant had been liaised with.

The leaking roof above the Social Club bar was discussed. Quotes obtained for repair options were in the region of £4k+. Mr Walsh offered that if the new sports pavilion building commences within a year, the club was prepared to wait rather than put the Council to the expense, particularly as the better weather approaches. The Clerk thanked the club for their forbearance on this but asked that the club monitors the situation and advises the parish office promptly if problems occur.

Subsequent to the meeting, it was noted that the quotations obtained in the region of 4k+ were for the snooker room roof (which are on hold as a temporary repair has been carried out, which appears to be sufficient) and not for the social club roof. The Deputy Clerk has requested the Contractor to re-visit the site to assess the matter as work to this roof was only carried out in July 2017.




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