June News from Fittleworth Parish Council

Fittleworth, West Sussex

Extract from draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd April 2018

Village Shop

A parishioner raised concerns about the access gate, the track onto the Recreation Ground and the impact on cricket matches. MF reported that prior to the cricket matches, any damage to the ground will be filled in.

Stretch of pavement in Upper Street

A parishioner contacted the chairman about the stretch of pavement on Upper Street outside The Glebe which has been a problem for a while and during the recent cold spell was covered in ice. It was agreed to speak to the residents to try and find out some background information before seeing what steps can be taken.

Hedges bordering School Lane

The Chairman was contacted about the infringement of the hedges onto the pavement on School Lane. It was noted that the footpath on the eastern side is narrow, and it is made so by where the hedges are planted. It was felt that shaving a bit off the sides of the hedges would not make a significant difference. It was also noted that hedge-trimming between 1st March and 1st September is discouraged because of nesting birds. The parishioner will be informed.

Drain Covers

Following the rainstorm a few days prior to the meeting, it was noted that the drain covers along School Lane were covered in leaves etc. RD offered to clear them.

Dog behaviour on Hesworth Common

A parishioner’s dog is experiencing unwanted attention by a large aggressive dog on Hesworth Common. Several other parishioners have also had issues with the dog. The clerk will contact the Dog Warden at CDC to seek advice.

Lower Street Road Safety

Following the last Parish Council meeting the clerk sent an email to C.Cllr Duncton about the road safety issue on Lower Street involving, pedestrians (including schoolchildren, mothers with pushchairs and elderly people) who have to walk in the road at a point where they are vulnerable to fast moving southbound traffic suddenly appearing round the bend in Lower Street. The clerk requested that WSCC install bollards on Lower Street. It was decided that, following another near miss involving a mother and two small children in a further email would be sent to C.Cllr Duncton being more specific about the exact location of the concern, together with photos. It was also agreed that a letter would be hand delivered to all the residents in the St Richard’s cottages and neighbouring houses along the Terrace, requesting, once again, not to park on the pavement on the East side of Lower Street and highlighting the safety issues.



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