June News from Eastergate Parish Council

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 5th April 2018.

County and District Councillor Report

The meeting was advised of complaints regarding the positioning and size of advertisements at the local garage.. An offer of cycle racks was made where the council would have to pay for installation only. Reference was made to a public rights of way meeting to consider the footpath over the railway line behind St. Philip Howard School. A two level mezzanine car park at the railway was being considered by Network Rail. Reference was made to the cameras recently spotted in Barnham Road. It was a understood that these were not WSCC cameras and no information as to the owners of the same was available.


Application EG/19/18/T, should be referred to the ADC Arboroculturalist. Application AL/15/17/PL, an Aldingbourne Parish matter relating to the BEW site. This involved 100 plus houses with outline for nearly 250 more. Members were advised of the Eastergate Fruit Farm developers and their position that they would deal with Sec 106 payments only and would not provide the re-surfacing of the hall car park, as was previously agreed. Further enquiries will be made of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) team to see if contemporaneous evidence of the agreement was available. The NP team would be required to consider additional homes and Linden Homes may seek an additional 40 homes at this site.

Project Manager

Additional work to repair brick and wood damaged under the flooring in the hall was referred to. Members were advised of coffee mornings where approx. 40 parishioners were attending and funds for a defibrillator were being collected. £300 had been received thus far. The hall website was nearly completed and up to date financial records were being collated. The “go live” date would be before the beginning of May.

Sports Field

Repair needed to the toddlers swing seats and considered a quotation provided by the council’s usual suppliers. Current electricity contract would be running out in May. Two quotations were provided and a third was required prior to the clerk finalising a 2 year contract. Members were advised that the facilities manager had discussed the use of the Recreation ground car park by local business staff and an offer of £300 had been made to allow that to continue. Resolved to order 2 x top ring sections for the seats, to enter into an appropriate supply contract for the pavilion and to accept the offer of £300 for a maximum of four vehicles to park behind the electricity substation.



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