June News from Chichester City Council

Chichester Cathedral

Edited extracts of minutes of the City Council meeting held on 25th April 2018

Mayor’s Announcements

The Mayor advised that this was his last Full Council Meeting. In the past year he and the Mayoress had attended 372 events and a further 16 are planned before his Mayoralty ended.

Public Question Time

A member of public asked if the Bishop Bell portrait would be put back in to its original location on the main staircase wall. The Mayor explained that the portrait was on public display; a picture of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh was now displayed where the Bishop Bell portrait used to be.


There is an anticipated surplus against the budget for 2017/2018 financial year and the monies being received via the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) would help to fund public realm projects.


Councillor Plowman, as a West Ward member, commented that he had met residents in the West

Broyle area who had expressed concerns over the delay with the Whitehouse Farm development and the current A27 discussions.

Councillor Budge, as a North Ward member, commented on the change of use of the Keep at Roussillon Barracks into a meeting place for cadets. West Sussex County Councillor Jamie Fitzjohn commented on the continuing anti-social behaviour at the Canal and an education project he was working that he hoped may one day be introduced into Chichester schools.

Councillor Budge asked about the Florence Road crossings and was advised that there were in the design stage. Councillor Tupper asked about parking charges at County Hall and that it was encouraging to see the County Council supporting local bus services.

Councillor Plowman, as the City Council’s representative on the Dear’s Charity, explained that good progress was being made on the proposed new almshouses development.

Councillor Budge, as the Council’s representative on the Brandy Hole Copse Local Nature Reserve Management Board, explained that the Management Board and the Friends of Brandy Hole Copse was being resurrected. Councillor Tupper, as the City Council’s representative on the Sussex Community Rail Partnership Arun Valley Steering Group, spoke about the work being carried out at Chichester railway station to improve the tunnel that connects the two station platforms. www.chichestercity.gov.uk


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