July News from Pulborough Parish Council

Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Annual Meeting of Pulborough Parish Council 17th May 2018.

Reports from County and District Councillors

District Cllr Clarke briefly updated Council on current HDC matters of note: The Gypsy, Traveller & Travelling Showpeople paper has been suspended due to one of the sites being withdrawn; HDC’s new CEO was now in place; With regard to the Willowmead development, all parties have now signed the Agreement except for Network Rail due to continued issues relating to the car park.

Neighbourhood Warden Steering Group Report

A key focus was continuing to work in support of vulnerable residents and they are currently working around providing  dementia  provisions  within  the  parish  with  the  Dementia  Action Alliance.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Report

The Steering Group had had a useful meeting with HDC Neighbourhood Plan Officers on 1st May 2018, when the group was encouraged to move ahead as soon as possible and options for HDC   support   were   discussed.  Final   site   assessment   summaries   were imminently being collated for review. Reg 14 public consultation would probably now be delayed until after the summer holiday period but once that was achieved, the group was hopeful that final referendum would take place in early 2019.

Sports Pavilion Development Project Report

Further to discussions with Horsham District Council (HDC) about possible support and funding for the project, it was probably unlikely that HDC could assist with the level of funding needed. However, a councillor had been advised that a new officer, experienced in funding applications, would be assigned to support the Parish Council, and she will attend the forthcoming Steering Group meeting with the Sports & Social Club, possibly accompanied by a senior officer too. This meeting had been arranged with the aim of establishing clear content for putting the business plan together.

Village Market

New arrangements needed to be made for operating the Council surgery stall after  the  July market. It was agreed that the stall was a useful point of contact for residents especially those new to the village. It was  agreed to continue with the Council stand from September onwards (there being no market in August) and agree a rota for attendance at each prior Council meeting, as per current practice



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