July News from Fittleworth Council

Fittleworth, West Sussex

Extract from draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 8th May 2018

Financial Statement

Copies of the Income and Expenditure for the financial year 2017-18 were distributed. The chairman confirmed that the draft accounts had been prepared by the Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer, but had not yet been finalised or signed off by the internal auditor.

The current financial position is a healthy one with £51,766 (2016/17 – £31,055) in the combined accounts.


The Parish council received £57,279 in income last year, the majority of which was the precept of £18,500, grants for the new playground of £11,500, grant of £19,285 from the operation watershed fund for works in School Lane.


The expenditure last year was £36,568 which was just over budget. The main expenditure comprises clerk’s wages; maintenance of our buildings; the upkeep of the Recreation Ground and other public spaces; and insurance.

Donations totalling £2,500 were donated to the various clubs and societies around the village of which £1,500 was donated to the Village shop project. The Parish Council had budgeted to donate £3,000 to the Village shop. The additional £1,500 will be donated in

2018/19. Also, £209 has been given to the Parochial Church Council.

Hesworth Common

Hesworth Common is 100.5 acres of registered Common Land purchased from The Duke of Norfolk in 1979. The Hesworth Common account has a balance of £7,797 (. £505 was received from SSE for the Wayleave Agreement for the period 2012-2017, and a rural grant of £2,400. Expenditure for maintenance and a new carpark bin totaled £1,233.

Birchwalks Wood

Birchwalks Wood account has a balance of £5,189. These funds are specifically for maintaining the woods.

It was noted that out of the total Cash Balance at the year end of £51,766, only £10,764 is available in the general reserve and the remaining balance being ear marked for various projects and specific reserves. The general fund is 58% of the precept.



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