July News from Bury Parish Council

Bury, West Sussex

Bury Parish Council held their Annual Parish Council meeting on 23 May.

The Chairman, Tony Lewis, was re-elected with Lynnette Leeson as Vice Chairman.  More Councillors are needed, and it is hoped that they will be joining the Council for the next meeting.

During the last financial period, the swings in Bury Green were replaced, and new picnic benches were placed on the area.  This has now all happened in good time for the school summer holidays.

The Recreation Ground was also given new benches.  Further projects were discussed for the 2018 – 19 period. Currently the maintenance contractor is working hard to keep the footpaths and public areas cleared of the rampant vegetation.  The Parish has part of Serpents Way going through, and the Literary Trail. There is also the ancient Coffin Trail that was used to carry coffins from West Burton, where there is no church,  to Bury Church, thus we have a beautiful walk between the two villages.  We hope that walkers will enjoy exploring the area with views of the South Downs.

The A29 is of course the other side of the coin.  This ‘race track’ has been one of life’s vicissitudes since the advent of motorbikes. Of course the amount of traffic has increased, with even heavier traffic expected on the road with the various developments to the south.

The Council have been working hard to reduce and monitor the speeding and the noise.  Attempts to get the speed limits reduced have so far been rebutted. Apart from the short distance at 40 mph at Bury Gate, the rest of the main road through the Parish is 50 mph.  This is far too fast in the garage area, and really dangerous for the school children who need to cross the road.

The Council feel that all the children attending the school should be able to walk to school.  However, the crossing is so dangerous that many parents feel they need to take the car to ensure the child’s safety.  This is an ongoing situation, but the Council is determined to keep on top of the situation.



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