July News from Barnham Parish Council

Barnham, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th May 2018

Election of Parish Council Chairman

John Robinson was proposed by Stewart Pritchard and seconded by Susan Forrester to be elected as Chairman of the Parish Council for 2018/19. His appointment was unanimously supported by all other Councillors and he was duly elected.

Presentation of new Parish Council website

Resolved:  That the new Parish Council website be accepted and agreement be givento it ‘going live’ immediately. The new website address (is) www.barnhamparishcouncil.gov.uk

Merger of Barnham and Eastergate Parish Councils

The Clerk mentioned that following the overwhelming support from the merger following the public ballot and consultation process ADC had now taken a paper to the Electoral Review Sub-Committee recommending to Full Council that the merger takes place with a planned merger date of 1st  December 2018 to allow for changes to be made to the Electoral Roll before the elections in May 2019.

As this date was not too far away and the Clerk believes there could be a lot of work to be done she suggested that the Council might wish to hold an informal discussion with Eastergate Parish Councillors in advance of the final ADC decision to ensure both Parishes were ready to start work once that approval had been given.

The Council agreed that the Clerk should write to the Chairman and Clerk of Eastergate Parish Council suggesting a meeting take place in the near future.

Project to improve The Triangle Church Lane including erection of benches. The Clerk asked the Council how best to undertake the project at the Triangle including the erection of benches and it was agreed that whilst volunteers could probably do some of the cleaning and tidying work it would be best to employ a professional to erect the new benches and move the current bench on the site.

Susan Forrester and John Robinson both volunteered to seek a quote to undertake the works from local firms and the Clerk agreed to send them documents that they could use to obtain the quote.



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