July News from Arundel Town Council

Arundel, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning and Environment Committee 23rd May 2018

Ongoing actions in respect of the flooding issues in and around Arundel include:

River Road Cottages (Nos. 23 – 25). No solution has yet been found to repair the breach in the wall. Discussions are still underway concerning a number of options.

The River Wall between the Bridges. Some excellent work is underway by the Nineveh Shipyard Residents Association and the Old Slipway Residents Association, and more is planned elsewhere along this privately-owned section of the river wall.

Main River Maintenance. The £0.5m low spot river bank maintenance programme is underway, and a number of repairs to fixed assets in SU4 and SU5 are planned.

The Arun Vision Project. The Arun Vision project, although there is no clear vision of the way ahead. Unless the Group can come up with some proposals either to change or slow down the LTRAS recommendations, then in the worst case in 100 years time:

  • The whole valley will be salty wetland.
  • There will be no farming.
  • Lower Arundel will be flooded and uninhabitable.
  • The freshwater protected sites will have been turned saline.
  • The river will be silted-up.
  • Southern Water will be in difficulty providing fresh water to its customers.

Fitzalan Road Foul Water Drainage Problems. A meeting with Southern Water took place in February, and we hopeful the outstanding problems are recognised and will be resolved ere long.

A27 Hospital Hill Drains. At long last – the drains on the south side of Hospital Hill between the Ford Road roundabout and Jarvis Road have been cleared. This should reduce the surface water flood risk in the Ford Road area.

The Arun Valley Railway. The east bank of the River Arun alongside the railway in the vicinity of Offham and South Stoke is deteriorating and could impact on the railway in the foreseeable future. Current policy seems to be to await the inevitable disaster. Is this acceptable or does action need to be taken now?



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