July News from Aldingbourne Parish Council

St Marys Church, Aldingbourne

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting  5th June 2018

New Councillor: Mr Ron Flitter was co-opted to the Council.

Wings Nursery: A representative of the Community Land Trust explained they would be looking for affordable housing to meet local housing needs, as discussed with site developers during preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Speeding on the B2233: A “near miss” had been reported involving an overtaking, speeding car. Installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign to remind drivers of the 30mph limit would be investigated with WSCC.

GDPR:  Councillors were asked to take care with forwarding emails from the public pending the set-up of generic email addresses. It was agreed that it would be a disproportionate expense to use SharePoint at this time but if guidance changed it would be re visited.

Appointment of new Clerk: The Staffing and Governance committee are to start the recruitment process. Please contact the clerk if interested in receiving information about the post.

Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre (ACSC): A quote from Mr Marsden for development of a project brief was approved, work to commence in October 2018.  Play equipment for the under-fives is to be discussed as part of this.


Funding of £532 had been received from the South Downs National Park.

Council agreed to allocate £5,000 towards review of the Aldingbourne NDP housing allocation, required because of rising housing need in the Arun Local Plan, to commence with a Housing Needs Survey undertaken and funded by Locality.

Flooding at Aldingbourne Primary School Playing Field: Cllr Warden and Mr Ward (parish flood representative) had attended a site meeting with Arun DC and the Hook Lane developer, who had admitted that water had been pumped off site into a ditch in order to avoid flooding newly built houses, forcing water onto the school field and rendering it unusable, which had never previously been unusable.

Further drainage work by the developer which will need reassessment after winter 2018/19. The Council agreed to reserve its position that the development site may have been responsible for or contributed to the flooding problem. It would have 6 years in which to serve proceedings. Attention was drawn to the danger of similar issues in relation to the Cala Homes site East of Eastergate and the Nyton Nurseries development.

Village Signs: Cllr Harbord had progressed plans with WSCC Highways staff.



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