Izzy’s Birthday Fundraiser for Chestnut Tree House

11-year-old Izzy Randall, from Upper Beeding, West Sussex, braves the shave to raise money for the local children’s hospice who care for her brother, Luke.

Chestnut Tree House provides specialist palliative care services to 300 children and young people aged 0-19 with life-shortening conditions in East Sussex, West Sussex and South East Hampshire.

“Izzy will be 12 on Tuesday 26 May, and she said to us that instead of presents this year, she wanted to donate money to Chestnut Tree House,” says Mum, Liz. “Then she said that she wanted to shave off her hair and ask for donations too!”

A few weeks ago, Izzy braved the shave to raise money for Chestnut Tree House, who have supported the family for six years.

Izzy’s brother, Luke, is nine-years old and has been blind and deaf since birth. “Touch is by far his strongest sense”says Mum, Liz. “Luke’s life is exceptionally delicate. We’ve spent a large part of his life in hospital – and three times we’ve been told ‘this is the end’, but he’s pulled through. It was only when Luke was nearly three that we found Chestnut Tree House – our sanctuary.”

Izzy and her brother, Luke

“Chestnut Tree House is where we go to have a holiday – time to just enjoy being a family together. We can completely hand over all of Luke’s care responsibilities to Chestnut’s amazing, caring staff.”


“Luke gets to spend a day at Chestnut whilst we spend some time with his big sister, Izzy. And we end the day together by splashing about in their special pool. It’s always great, one of the very few times when all four of us can be together, enjoying the same thing.”

“Izzy is our star! She is totally selfless, and we are so proud of her. She has raised an amazing £430 so far, and she is just an amazing young lady.”



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