Is Beauty Therapy the New ‘Dog Walking Self Employed’ Success Story?

For some time now the idea of starting up a small dog walking business has been a “go to” for thousands of people in the UK and a good few in Sussex! The flexible hours, fresh air and solid income potential were always very appealing. While nothing has changed the market is quite full now and many people are looking for other ways to live a self-sustaining work life and enjoy more family time and all the other perks. Ideas like digital marketing are very popular but health and beauty is becoming a very big area of growth.

Hidden in Plain Sight

For a lot of women (and men) make up, beauty and associated things like massage have played a big role in their lives for years but they never thought about turning it into a job. Doing your own make up becomes so normal that thinking of it is a career never happens. In the past committing to a career in beauty would have meant working your way up in a salon for many years which isn’t something people looking to leave a busy full-time job for a better life would consider. However, there are a number of factors coming together that are allowing people to learn new skills and put themselves out there as a freelance beautician very successfully.

Technology and Access

Starting a business has really never been easier. Before the internet the big battle was getting your name out there then it became the cost of getting a good website. These days you can have a great looking site up and running in days and in many cases build it yourself for very little. Also, potential customers can easily access your services via multiple devices. Advertising is easier to with he advent of social media and the like. But it is also important to cite the ability to take courses both on and off line that can build up skill sets and qualification. Where it was once all about going to a full-time beauty school, we now see hundreds of people a month coming to 1 or 2 day courses to learn a single specific skill which adds to a large portfolio over time. People can also learn online with YouTube for tips and ideas to back up the more formal courses. In short, the technology we have has opened up the road for those who wish to take it to becoming a successful self-employed beauty therapist.


Not only has the ability to learn skills, launch and promote a business become much easier the demand for beauty services has also increased as has the demand for mobile services. People are busy and often prefer someone to come to their home. With a substancial rise in people working from home the potential market is huge. But it is the Instagram culture as well as the “cult of celebrity” that have boosted the demand for nail, make up, hair and other beauty treatments and products. People have access to endless images and videos of stunning people, and they want a slice of it…and they can have it!

If beauty has always been an interest, there has been no better time than now to turn that into a career you love and achieve that desirable flexible lifestyle that goes with working for yourself. Dog walking is still very popular and certainly seems appealing on a sunny day but when winter comes sitting in a lovely warm room working on someone’s gel nails is a far nicer proposition.

We run a huge range of short beauty courses that are all backed up by the Guild of Beauty Therapists. If you are thinking about setting up or have always dreamt of it get in touch to find out more. Visit


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