Into the Trees Festival funded by REBOOT


Funding from my REBOOT programme enabled vulnerable young people, at risk of being criminalised, to reconnect with their families. Working in partnership with So Sussex, they attended the Into the Trees Festival and were able to lose track of time and just have fun.

A mum, from Hastings, was at the end of her tether before REBOOT intervened in her son’s behaviour. Suffering bereavements in the family, he struggled to cope and became vulnerable to coercion from a negative peer group. Before REBOOT he had not attended school in over a year and a half.

Into the Trees provided them with an opportunity to reconnect for the first time in a long time. “We were able to work as a team to build a raft and had good fun doing so. I feel that there should be more events like this as it’s a good way to bring you closer with your children if your relationship has broken down.”

Officers across Sussex have been attending schools, performing patrols and encouraging people, especially young people, to give up their knives. Getting killed, having life changing injuries or a prison sentence because of knife crime are not choices anybody would rationally make. However, we are still seeing far too many young people putting themselves at risk by carrying a knife.

This is why REBOOT is working to tackle serious violence at its earliest stages and is already providing invaluable support to nearly 400 vulnerable young people.

Many of us underestimate just how tuned in they are to the issues society faces, so it is refreshing that on 19th September West Sussex County Council gave their Youth Cabinet and Youth Parliament Members the platform to raise their concerns on the issue and engage in a healthy debate with local MPs, councillors and police representatives.

Katy Bourne OBE “I met with the Home Secretary to discuss topical policing issues. I took the time to set out my vision as the new Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and the importance of championing police officer welfare and ensuring the recommendations made in the Frontline Review are turned into good practice.

“It is essential during this turning point in policing that the public’s voice remains heard. We talked about opportunities for PCCS to speak more to the public locally and nationally, seeking opinion on issues like officer safety, the use of tasers and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“This is why, as part of my ongoing engagement campaign, this month’s poll will be an initial focus on the use of AI in policing ahead of a larger consultation in the New Year.”

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