Industrial carbuncle proposed again for Horsham town

No Incinerator 4 Horsham met last week to renew efforts to stop an industrial incinerator being build in Horsham town.
It is understood that last week Britanicrest submitted a new plan for an incinerator at the brickworks off the A264 at the Great Daux roundabout.  West Sussex County Council planning department is currently verifying the planning application.  
The community action group, pictured, were joined by a national NGO, UK Win, offering their expertise, as they are dedicated to stop incineration of waste – ‘Bin the Burners’. 
UK Win are behind the political cross party Early Day Motion (581)* to place a moratorium on new incinerators because there is not enough waste to feed the incinerators currently in use and being built in the UK, but this legislation will come way too late for West Sussex.
Last year an incredible 1000 people objected to an incinerator being built by Britaniacrest and it is therefore hoped communities will all write to the council again as their first objections will not be counted for this new application. 
Research increasingly shows that incineration decreases the rate of recycling and with the amount of plastic in production set to decrease dramatically in the next few years, what will this Horsham incinerator burn? 
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