Hurst Festival centenary events

World War 1 ended on 11 November 1918 – the centenary of the end of the war is nearly upon us. Hurst Festival would like to share with you some key local facts that we hope you will want to include when you start to write about the centenary. Some of them are timely and should be shared prior to 11.11.18.

* Prime Minister Lloyd George walked up Wolstonbury Hill on October 13th 1918 and returned to the Great Hall, in Danny House, Hurstpierpoint where he presided over the Cabinet which endorsed the terms of the Armistice that ended World War 1.

* In August 1918, Lloyd George held a grand Garden Party for Hurstpierpoint villagers and soldiers of all ranks including many wounded soldiers. The purpose was to raise money for comforts for soldiers at the front. The Sussex Yeomanry Cadet Band from Brighton played and there were large marquees for dancing and refreshments.

* Lloyd George danced a hornpipe in the Great Hall at Danny House on receiving the news of impending Victory.

To celebrate the following is happening:

* The 1918 Lloyd George Garden party, Sunday 2nd September, 2 – 6pm. Celebrate the Centenary of WW1 Victory and Peace agreed at Danny House. Come dressed in period costume, listen to the LGB Brass Band, dance to the famous Alex Mendham 11-piece orchestra and the Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra and enjoy strawberries, Pimms, teas and the vintage Harris Funfair. Tickets on sale now at, everyone is welcome.

* To commemorate the centenary of victory and peace, Richard Burrows, owner of Danny House, has commissioned sculptor Philip Jackson to make a sculpture of Lloyd

George dancing the hornpipe. The sculpture is 110% life size. It will be placed in front of the magnificent Danny House entrance.

* The sculpture will be unveiled at the Garden Party by 98 year old, Colin Prickett. Colin has lived at Danny House for 21 years and in his youth met both the Kaiser and Hitler.

* Richard Burrows has also compiled a book of events surrounding the Armistice at Danny House including extracts from war diaries, letters to and from Lloyd George, Danny House’s visitors book between 14th July 1918 – 13th October 1918, extracts from a diary from a local Hurstpierpoint resident written between 1897 – 1919.

* The world premiere of ‘Winning the Peace’ will be performed at Danny House, as part of Hurst Festival on 24th, 26, 28th and 30th September. Written by local Hurstpierpoint resident, Act 1 reconstructs the garden party, attended by Lloyd George and Act 2 focuses on the discussions held by the quasi War-Cabinet to agree the terms of the British Government’s Armistice. Tickets available from

To commemorate the centenary Hurst Festival has the following talks and events:

* It’s a Long Way to ….’ Danny House with Sam Nixon, a singalong to celebrate the centenary of the end of WW1 with songs from the beginning of the 20th century. 18th September

* ‘Final flight 1918’ An illustrated talk by librarian Tim Stanton, which explores the life and wartime experiences of Hubert William Walker who was born and raised in Hurstpierpoint. Hubert became a Royal Army Medical Corps Sergeant and in 1918 joined the newly formed RAF, before flying into battle in the final year of the war…. 18th September

* Meet the author, Anna Hope discusses her novels ‘The Ballroom’ and ‘Wake’- ; their settings bookend the Great War and offer an insight into an era that left no lives in Britain unchanged. 18th September

* ‘The Peace to end peace’ Hurst author, David Roberts, explores the responses of the British people to the war’s end using factual evidence and the words of commentators of the time. What can we learn from the First World War for the furthering of peacein the future? 19th September

* When it is peace ….’ Poetry written by civilians and servicemen and women, from a wide range of backgrounds, during WW1. Their work often described the horrors of war and their longing for peace. It illustrates the different responses of the writers and the power of the work they created. Tuesday 25th September

* Stewart Hall Memorial Talk: ‘For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today’ Stewart Hall will be talking about some of the men who fell in WW1 and whose names are engraved on the Hurstpierpoint War Memorial. This is based on research undertaken by Claire Richards and Stewart Hall in 2014 to commemorate the beginning of World War 1. Since then additional material has been uncovered and this is included. 25th September


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