How we helped find Lucas the cat

Lucas the cat went missing at the beginning of July but despite searching for him on foot and by car ,and putting posters on lamp posts and trees etc, there was absolutely no news of his whereabouts.

In desperation, we contacted Jeff at Sussex Local to place an advertisement asking for help in finding Lucas, but unfortunately we had missed the deadline for the September edition. However, Jeff immediately set up an action plan and within half an hour he had set up a post on the Sussex Local Twitter and Facebook pages asking for help to find Lucas. Next, he suggested that if we could get 2000 flyers printed and delivered to him he would ensure that they were delivered with the Sussex Local magazine.

Within hours of the first copies being delivered we started to receive phone calls with people saying that they had seen a ginger cat over the last couple of weeks, all of whom promising to call back if they saw him again. We could almost track the areas where the magazine was being delivered by the instant response to the flyer. We had at least three phone calls daily over the course of the next week with possible sightings but each time we arrived at the scene the cat had disappeared again!

On one occasion we had two families searching the bushes in a garden whilst a gentleman walking his dog stopped the traffic on Common Hill when a ginger cat, presumed to be Lucas, ran off before we could catch him! In total we received over thirty phone calls from local people with information which has ultimately lead to Lucas returning home. Many of those people phoned at least twice, if not three or more times, with sightings. All of them offered to try and capture Lucas and offered moral support. We are known as The Ginger Cat people and in our search for Lucas we have discovered areas of West Chiltington We didn’t know existed.

In the end Lucas arrived home by walking back in through the cat flap! He was healthy and well. Lucas is doing well and has spent his first few days at home eating his favourite salmon treats and sleeping on our bed. He will be wearing a GPS tracking collar when he next goes out.

We will be forever grateful for the kindness and support we have received from our local community, generated by the Sussex Local. All we can say is that if anyone is looking for a way to publicise than this magazine is definitely a forerunner. Without it our Lucas would not be safely back at home with his family.

Written by Joanne


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