Hospice ‘over the Moon’ about celebrity support from Tim Peake

Major Tim Peake thrilled the organisers of this weekend’s Moonlight Walk by sending a video message wishing 1,000 walkers expected best of luck in completing their 5 or 10 mile sponsored treks through the city.

Tim’s space-travel feats are already being featured alongside footage of the 1969 moon-landings on the Moonlight Walk’s unique ‘Man on the Moon’ station- part of the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Tim’s gesture follows similar messages of support from stars including Chichester-born singer-songwriter, Tom Odell; thespian Zoe Wannamaker, Queen legend, Brian May and BBC Radio 2 broadcaster Vanessa Feltz , TV presenter, Charlotte Hawkins, and fellow Strictly star, Danny Mac, whose mother is a nurse at St Wilfrid’s Hospice walking with Danny’s sister this year.

All the celebrity supporters are keen to let people know that anyone can still register for the 10th anniversary walk on Saturday night 5th May from 8.30pm onwards at the Westgate Leisure Centre. For those who cannot make it or who live too far away, a Moonlight fund has been set up for people to donate to help fund St Wilfrid’s specialist end of life care. You can help the hospice reach its 2018 target of £100,000 https://stwh.co.uk/donate-moonlightwalk

In Tim Peake’s message, he says: “This is Tim Peake sending a good luck message to everyone taking part in the 10th anniversary Moonlight Walk for St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Hope you have clear skies and if you get a chance at about 3 minutes past 4 look up as the ISS will be passing over!”

“We are literally ‘over the moon’ about Major Tim Peake’s support for St Wilfrid’s Hospice,” said Alison Moorey, Chief Executive of St Wilfrid’s Hospice. “It is a lovely gesture and acknowledges those who are taking part in this very special Moonlight Walk. There is always a wonderful sense of togetherness as we remember those we have loved and walk to help fund vital care for people who are terminally ill.”

“Local people, including Tim Peake, Tom Odell, Charlotte Hawkins, Danny Mac, Brian May, Zoe Wannamaker and all our other wonderful celebrity supporters – are what make this event truly special and makes the Hospice what it is today.“

This year’s Moonlight Walk is also special because walkers will be treated to surprises and entertainment to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Anniversary ‘specials’ will include a party-style send off for walkers from the Westgate Leisure Centre from 9pm to 10.30pm on 5 May with a light show and music from Spirit FM, compered by DJ Ian Crouch. A star attraction will be the stunning Show Globe, featuring special guest star, Nikki Kennett, who will glide dramatically and gracefully through the crowds.

Walkers can expect spectacles and surprises around the 5 mile and 10 mile Moonlight Walk routes including 3 ‘Celebration Stations’…

  • A ‘Moonlight Serenade’ Station – featuring top singer, Amy Fuller, of BBC fame, a cabaret and opera star, who will be singing moonlight and ‘love and romance ‘ songs in a light-festooned station for walkers as they begin their Moonlight challenge.
  • A ‘Starlight Walk’ Station – a ‘starlit enterprise’, along Broyle Road, creating a starry spectacle close to the Chichester Festival Theatre. Trees will be decorated with lights and magical performers will entertain, performing circus skills dressed in luminous costumes.
  • A ‘Man on the Moon’ Station – not just one step for mankind, but lots of steps on the Moonlight Walk! From about 11pm this station will honour the endeavours of space travellers, and in particular, the US astronauts who landed on the moon back in 1969. Spacemen will be welcoming the 10 milers at the Friary Lane /Chichester District Council Car Park to a Moon-landing film show. The exploits of the town’s very own ‘space travellers’ Major Tim Peake and Sky at Night presenter, Patrick Moore will also be celebrated.


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