Horsham Matters launches “It Could Be You” campaign calling for help

It could be you campaign poster Horsham Matters

Horsham Matters “It Could Be You” poverty campaign

Horsham Matters is launching a new “It Could Be You” campaign to increase the levels of understanding of the poverty levels amongst residents in the Horsham District. The charity runs the Horsham District Foodbank and provides food, fuel, and essential services to those experiencing hardship in the Horsham District.

Over the past year, Horsham Matters have seen demand for their services increase as those on tight budgets are struggling to make ends meet. In their latest survey, 50% of Foodbank users said their need was a direct result of the cost-of-living crisis. As the cost of energy, food and other essentials keeps increasing, many residents are being pushed into making tough choices.

Quotes from clients struggling with money

“I find my money is running out all the time, much quicker than before, as I am always trying to catch up from the month before.” – Working age single male with disabilities.

“I am really worried about the impending increases over the winter months, as there is no money left in the pot to be able to pay more.” – Domestic abuse survivor and working mother.

“I never imagined we would ever be in this position; the stress has been unbelievable. For us, the cost-of-living crisis is much worse than the pandemic lockdowns.” – Full-time working family with two children.

For their full stories visit the cost of living page: www.horsham-matters.org.uk/cost-of-living-crisis

5,000 food parcels provided by the foodbank

Horsham District Foodbank , part of the Trussell Trust network, has provided almost 5,000 individual food parcels since the beginning of 2022, with 2,006 of these given to children. As soaring living costs continue to put pressure on residents, the food bank wants to ensure that people in crisis get the support they need over the winter period, and beyond.

The food bank provided over 900 individual parcels in August, nearly double the amount compared to August 2021.

Horsham Matters comments on community struggles

Amalia Lovett, Network and Campaigns Lead for Horsham Matters, said: “As the cost of living crisis continues to affect our community, Horsham Matters is doing all it can to help meet the extra financial pressures that families are facing.

“But for many of our residents, the coming months will be a particularly tough period as they struggle to cover the basic costs of living such as bills, food, and other essentials. We aim to provide a holistic approach providing household budget support, debt and benefit advice, but the cost of living has pushed many people already living on tight budgets into destitution.

“We are working with other Trussell Trust foodbanks to push for further investment into our social security. However, we need our community to support us through this tough time. We are being pushed to our absolute capacity to meet demand from those in need, at a time when demand has increased by 50%, but donations have decreased as everyone is feeling the pinch.

“We are asking our supporters to organise a collection for us, at a time when demand for our services is so high, we need both money and food. We are also asking the public to send a message to their MP to urge them to increase the support to low-income households with further payments through the social security system and uprate social security benefits in line with inflation.”

People can send a message via this online form: bit.ly/3dxACRz.

Horsham Matters, in partnership with Collyer’s College students and Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society, will be releasing several films in October to coincide with World Poverty Day. They are also working with their partners to designate 16th October as Horsham Poverty Day, a call to action to highlight the need in our local community.


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