Homes in the South-East Left Vulnerable by Floods, as Homeowners Fear Damages in Excess of £5k

  • Almost half of people in the South-East (45%) worried flood damage to their property would cost more than £5000 to repair 
  • Over a quarter of people in the region (27%) feel vulnerable to the value of their property decreasing because of flood damage 
  • Money allocated by the Environment Agency to reduce flooding risk in the South-East marginally increases by 1% despite extreme weather in the region  

In the wake of Storm Henk causing havoc across the country, new data reveals the extent to which residents in the South-East are left out-of-pocket to pay for expensive damages.

A new survey conducted by leading permeable surfacing manufacturer, Vuba, reveals that 45% of adults living in the South-East are worried that it would cost them in excess of £5000 to repair flood damage to their house.

This figure raises significant concerns about the lack of flood preparedness of homes in the South-East and highlights the long-term financial impact that the floods will have on individual households.

When asked whether damages will cost more than £500 to repair, 61% of people agreed that this would be the case, testament to the significant impact that the recent storms have had in the region.

The news comes as the Government has announced that flooded households in affected areas can apply to up to £500 in cash to help with immediate costs, but this new data show that this will likely not be enough.

The findings show that homeowners in the South-East also worried about the long-term impact of the recent floods, with over a quarter (27%) concerned that their property will de-value because of flood damage.

To investigate the Government’s plans for investment in the face of the significant costs that consumers are forced to incur, Vuba also submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Environmental Agency about the flood risk management projects for which it has allocated funding.

The data reveals that the South-East is the most well-funded region, with £197.9 million allocated to manage flood risk for the next year, compared to £195.9 million in 2022/2023. This represents almost a quarter (24%) out of the total £838 million allocated across England by the Environmental Agency.

This positively compares to the figures at a national level, where overall funding has only marginally increased by 0.2% from £836 million to £838 million.

Sean Scott, CEO of Vuba, comments on the findings:

“For most of us, our home is our greatest asset, and it is concerning that so many homeowners in the South-East fear they would have to spend significant amounts to repair flooding damages. The lack of flood defence mechanisms in the region is especially concerning as climate change is causing more frequent and more intense downpours, leaving homeowners at risk.  

“One cost-effective way to improve our homes’ flood resilience is to incorporate permeable surfaces into our outdoor areas. Adopting such materials ensures that when it rains, the water can be absorbed back into the ground, instead of remaining on the ground and building up to cause flooding and expensive damage.  

“While the Government has taken note of this and is demanding that all new developments incorporate permeable surfaces to reduce flooding risk, more needs to be done to raise consumer awareness of this effective flood prevention tool.” 


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