Homemade cooking delivered for the vulnerable

homemade cooking

Do you know of anyone based in the Pulborough, West Sussex area who is elderly or vulnerable struggling to get food supplies?

In this uncertain time Jane would like to offer her services to those struggling during the Covid-19 situation.

If you know of anyone who is either elderly or vulnerable who would benefit from homemade batch cooking delivered to their door, please get in touch.

Jane Bellinger is a Cordon Bleu chef based in Pulborough who is keen to support her community during this time. She is happy to discuss a range of menu options which can be frozen and reheated for easy yet delicious meal options. The batch will be delivered with contactless delivery options.

This service will be a non-profit service and therefore the charges will only be to cover the costs of providing the meals.

Contact Jane directly on 01798 839433 or info@janebellinger.com


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