Hero PA owned by 18-year-old Morgan Boult from Horsham secures 40th client

Hero PA Morgan

Hero PA founded by 13-year-old Horsham resident

Created in September 2017, by then 13-year-old Morgan Boult, Hero PA has grown considerably with valued clients and employees.

Morgan, now 18 from Horsham, has worked hard over the last five years whilst in school and beyond, to build Hero PA to what it is today.

Based in Horsham, but working with clients from across the UK, Hero PA now turns over six figures, a fantastic achievement for a business that was built from the ground up, and by a 13-year-old.

Morgan, who showed entrepreneurial flair and spirit from the age of four, identified that traditional education wasn’t suitable for him.

He began selling sweets at school, keeping his supplies in his parents’ garage. In his later school years, Morgan knew that further education and university wasn’t on the cards and he wanted to create a business instead.

Now working with 40 businesses from new Horsham office

Securing his first client via Google, Morgan now prides himself on gaining new clients through word of mouth and networking, with clients exceedingly happy with Hero PA’s service.

Securing its 40th client, Hero PA has also celebrated an office move which Morgan has built from the ground up and in doing so, has allowed Hero PA to control and manage all security aspects both in terms of physical and cyber security to provide the highest quality of service to his clients.

Hero PA’s clients include Yorkshire’s Hideout Hotel, Lovelle Estate Agents, Cheshire’s People Legal, Simply Business Finance in Hove, Fractionary in West Sussex and Wire Design in Southampton.

“Follow your instincts and go for it!”

Morgan Boult, 18, explained: “From a young age, I just didn’t enjoy the school environment and learning there. I always wanted to be out selling things and creating a business. I started Hero PA at 13 and continued to work on it until I left school. At just 18, I’ve created multiple jobs and will have more employees as the business continually grows.

“I want to encourage young people of today that if they love education or need to go on to study Further Education for their career, that’s great. But if you don’t feel that traditional education is benefitting you and you’d rather do something practical like an apprenticeship or launch a business and become self-employed, then follow your instincts and go for it!

“What is classed as a conventional education isn’t for everyone and that’s okay!”

01403 457 247 / 0333 301 9999 [email protected] Hero PA 10 Kings Court Harwood Road Horsham RH13 5UR hero-pa.co.uk


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