Henry Smith MP hails Crawley teachers

Teacher in school

Henry Smith MP has welcomed news that young people in Crawley and West Sussex are benefiting from rising school standards, with 37 more schools in the county rated good or outstanding compared with 2010.

To help teachers and school leaders build on this impressive progress, schools across West Sussex will see a funding boost of £13.6 million in 2018-2019. This will bring funding for schools in West Sussex to £524 million. The Government’s new funding formula has been developed to end historic funding inequalities. For the first time, funding will be based on the individual needs and characteristics of every school in the country.

Henry said; “Our teachers do a fantastic job, and it’s a testament to their hard work, combined with this Government’s reforms, that more children in Crawley and West Sussex are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to succeed – whatever they choose to do.

“A broad and balanced curriculum opens doors for young people as they leave school, and it’s fantastic to see that more local children are taking the vital subjects that will give them options as they plan their careers.”

It is supported by an additional £1.3 billion, and the total core schools funding budget will rise from just under £41 billion to £43.5 billion over the next two years. This is the highest ever level of school funding, and represents more than a 50 per cent real terms per pupil increase since 2000-01.

Average per pupil funding at primary school has risen from £4,300 in 2011 to £4,800 in 2018, and average per pupil funding at secondary school now exceeds £6,200.

Additional funding of £21.66 million has been made available to ensure that disadvantaged children get the support they need this year alone. This extra funding is helping to close the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their more affluent peers; ensuring all young people can go as far as their talents will take them.

Henry said; “There is more to do, but with the attainment gap narrowing, and a record number of children attending good schools, these reforms are ensuring that more young people are being given the opportunity to succeed.”

As a result of Government reforms, more children are not only studying the core academic subjects, but doing well in them. The proportion of children in West Sussex passing all components of the English Baccalaureate – which includes English, Maths, the Sciences and a language – has risen by 8.3 per cent since 2011.


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