Help the vulnerable in your community


West Sussex County Council are focusing on making sure they can continue to support the most vulnerable people in the community; those who rely on someone else to help with daily living.

Some of people can manage on their own, but as a result of social distancing, some now find themselves without access. To care, support or basic provisions, because the support network they rely on is no longer available to them.

The council have a new section on their website where residents can let them know about:

  • someone you are worried about
  • if you need support yourself
  • if you can offer support and help by volunteering, or taking-up casual employment
  • any businesses and organisations who want to support the council
  • details of other places where you can get help or support

The council know that there has been a local neighbourhood response. They want to support the continuation of community activity, to build a network of support in partnership with the local council and voluntary sector colleagues.


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