Help Save Historic Clay Shoot

After almost half a century of clay pigeon shooting, the popular Countryman Gun Club is once more under threat and facing closure if new grounds cannot be found. The 100-member club are reaching out and asking any land owners who may be able to help them find a new location.

Membership to the club is made up from a wide variety of community folk including ladies, gentlemen and younger members from a multitude of hamlets and villages from Horsham to Worthing. This non-exclusive club offers very low cost shooting thanks to a dedicated group of shooters who give their time and expertise freely in keeping with their non-profit making policy. Members have all been upset once more by the news that the club may now be closed.

“Two years ago we were very saddened that our shoot on the Knepp Estate would be coming to a close. Back then we were fortunately offered a new proposal which saw the gun club shooting throughout the year with the exception of July and August. Unfortunately, this situation has now been changed and we have been requested to cease shooting at the end of this year.” said Countryman Gun Club Vice-Chairman James Nugent.

With scoring records dating back to 1972, the Countryman Gun Club have raised £13,090 over the last eight years for local organisations and hospice charities in addition to continuing the hundred-year-old countryside art of shooting clay pigeons. The club hosts two open shoots each year, six skeet and 12 sporting mornings plus one have-a-go shoot to complete the season. They have also set up and run the clay shooting at the annual West Grinstead and Ploughing Match for many years.

Some of the original members are still shooting today and newer members, especially the younger generation, will sadly be unable to progress with this countryside tradition unless a new location close to Horsham is found. The gun club meets approximately once a fortnight from Easter through to October with one final Christmas shoot in December.

They are now seeking a new site to carry on with the Countryman Gun Club which ideally needs to be within reasonable distance of Shipley and surrounding villages. If you can help the Countryman Gun Club, then please contact Vice-Chairman James Nugent at [email protected]

The Countryman Gun Club would like to thank Sir Charles Burrell for his support since the stewardship of the Knepp Estate passed to him from Sir Walter Burrell in 1985.


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