Heathrow Announcement today from CAGNE

CAGNE, Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions, statement on the cabinets decision to back Heathrow expansion today:

 “Any expansion in aviation is a bad day for the planet as aviation is the most damaging for climate change and we do not wish misery of more aircraft noise on anyone.

If Heathrow does not go ahead it does not mean Gatwick will automatically be chosen as Stansted, and other regional airport all want to expand to have a slice of the profit cake.  It would also mean that the millions spent on the Airport Commission reported was all a waste of time.  People really do want some sort of decision so that they can get on with their lives that they hoped the announcement by the Airports Commission gave them, but here we are still debating the facts. 

Gatwick’s achillies heel has always, and will always, be the lack of rail and road connections with the M23 going to one lane into Croydon, and the railway not being able to expand any further than it is today, even with the changes being made at the Windmill Junction at Croydon.

 If Gatwick was full it would be full all year round but it is not as the winter months are quiet.  Heathrow is also offering a night ban whereas Gatwick has never and their airline fleet mix demands 24/7 flying to Europe holiday destinations.

 A few local firms have not supported Gatwick seeing expansion as all their Christmas’ in one, but big business has strongly supported Heathrow as it brings money into the UK and is accessible for freight transfer from the rest of the country.  Gatwick is a major exports UK sun seekers overseas offering them a shopping mall with a runway and so not necessarily benefitting local high streets or firms, in fact clogging the roads and reducing air quality locally due to the traffic it brings to our pot holed roads.

Gatwick should now focus now on dealing with the noise issues it has to the east and west of the airport as communities are blighted by noise day and night with many expected to tolerate multiple routes with no respite.”


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