Haywards Heath Foodbank to reopen with a delivery only service

Haywards Heath Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council has been working closely with Haywards Heath Foodbank Trustees to help them re-open and offer their much needed services to the residents of the Town.

This has been a complicated process, as the safety and security of the volunteers and beneficiaries is crucial. However, we are pleased to announce that the Foodbank will re-open next Wednesday 8th April 2020 offering a delivery service only (the old premises are now shut and the Foodbank have relocated to a new venue to enable home deliveries) to those who have had an electronic referral voucher from their normal agencies. This service will be for people/families in crisis.

The Town Council has supported the Foodbank in resurrecting its services by directing it to volunteers and organisations in the Town. In addition, the Town Council is offering assistance with the movement of food around the Town and surrounding villages and has made available £12,500 to help support the Foodbank when necessary. Monies have already used to purchase 1800 delivery boxes and the balance will be held over to fund other resources when required.

Town Mayor, Alastair McPherson said, ” It was shock when the Foodbank decided to close, and Haywards Heath Town Council has been delighted to assist the Foodbank Trustees to be up and running again by the 8th April 2020. A great deal of thought has gone into how to re-provide this critical service and to ensuring the safety of residents and the amazing volunteers who are going to be packing and delivering the food. The big challenge now will be sustaining the service, and to see how we can increase its deliveries if required. It is so important that as a Town Council we do everything we can to make sure we can get food to our more vulnerable and elderly residents during their crisis. We must not LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. I applaud the Foodbank and it’s volunteers for all that they are doing for our community in Haywards Heath and beyond.

Meanwhile, the Mayor encourages all residents to donate as much as they can afford at the food bank collection points, which can be found at https://haywardsheath.food-bank.org.uk

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