Hats off to a hilarious Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors by This is My Theatre 2022

Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors is the latest offering from the small-but-perfectly-formed This Is My Theatre group (TIMT) – and it’s a laugh out loud masterpiece.

TIMT is a Sussex based company created in 2016 that tours all over the UK with creative productions for all spaces from historic buildings and churches to purpose built theatres and open-air venues. Raerly are there more than four physical players on the stage – but, as notably demonstrated in the Comedy of Errors, that doesn’t stop the the actors taking on as many as eleven roles, all at the same time!

This is achieved through skilfully bringing the audience with them to imagine a hand simply holding a hat as a person – and surprisingly it works really well, even with the quick-fire changes effected by the troupe – and the sheer speed at which the exchanges take place, with the accompanying hilarious take on the Bard’s dialogue, leave you breathless.

Comedy of Errors by This is My Theatre 2022

This is a madcap performance accessible to all – you don’t need to be a Shakespeare buff to come along for the hilarious ride.

The company is touring “Comedy” nationwide, with forthcoming performances at Salisbury, Kent and Sufflok.



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