Greening Steyning’s 2023 Climate Action Tracker and Volunteer Night

greening steyning volunteer night

A message from Greening Steyning:

“Dear Greening Supporters,

“Happy New Year one and all! It’s New Years Resolutions time again, so a good moment to set our sights for 2023 and look back on what we managed to achieve in 2022, despite everything.

“We’re inviting you to take part in the 2023 Climate Action Tracker survey. It only takes 5 minutes but it will provide a revealing snapshot of how far we’ve come in making ours a greener and more sustainable community, and showing what our next steps will be.

“Our monthly programme of activities is ready to roll in January – with the Community Fridge, Repair Café, Home Energy Helpdesk, Recycling Collection and Climate Café all back to their regular schedule.

“The first Give Your Stuff Away Day of the year is happening next Sunday. It’s a perfect chance for a New Year clear out. And if you’re looking for bargains, it’s a great opportunity to pick up some freebies. The circular economy in a nutshell!

“Green Drinks on Weds 18th Jan is Volunteer Night. We’d like to invite everyone who’s helped out this year to come along to celebrate what we achieved together. And for anyone who would like to dip their toes in the Greening waters, this is a great chance to meet the gang and find out how you might get involved in 2023.

“Looking further ahead, we’re keen to recruit some volunteers to take part in the Wildlife Garden Open Day we’re organising in June to showcase the fantastic work many of you are doing to to encourage biodiversity in your own back gardens.

“So there’s plenty to look forward to. Hope to see you at the Volunteer Night on Weds 18th Jan!

“Best wishes, Geoff & Vicci, Co-Chairs, Greening Steyning”

Greening Steyning 2023 Climate Action Tracker

For the second year in a row, Greening Steyning will be running an online survey to find out what steps people are taking locally to cut their carbon footprints and help tackle climate change. The plan is to find out what’s actually happening out there as people adjust to rising energy bills, and growing worries about a warming planet.

It only takes 5 minutes to fill out. The first section asks what actions you took in 2022. The second asks what plans you have for 2023. There’s 16 actions to choose from, but you can add others if they are not on the list.

120 households took part in the Tracker Survey last time. Top of the list of actions taken was ‘encouraging wildlife in my garden’, ‘shopping locally more often’, and ‘doing more repairing, reusing and recycling.’ But 4 homes had fitted heat pumps, 8 had installed solar panels, and 8 had got an electric vehicle.

Has the pace of change picked up? The Climate Action Tracker is designed to find out. Go to to fill out the survey. The survey closes on 28th February, and the results will be shared in March.

Volunteer Night and Annual General Meeting

For Green Drinks in January, Greening Steyning invite all their Greening volunteers, plus any potential new recruits, to celebrate everything the organisation has achieved in 2022, and look forward to another great green year in 2023.

Greening Steyning invite people to learn about what’s been happening, what lessons have been learnt, and what is in store for the year ahead. There will also be a short Annual Genral Meeting to look at the finances (draft accounts will be posted on the website a week ahead of the meeting) and confirm these three key positions on the Steering Group:

  • Vicci Johnson and Geoff Barnard to carry on as Co-Chairs of Greening Steyning
  • Nichola Mason to take over from John Cole as Treasurer

The metting will be at Beeding Village Hall from 7.30pm. The bar will be open and entrance is free, but they ask people to reserve a place using the following link in order to get an estimate of how many drinks to buy.


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