Goodwood donates around 400 Easter eggs to local food banks

Goodwood Easter eggs

Goodwood and partners to distribute Easter eggs to families in need

Staff working across the Goodwood Estate joined together to donate around 400 chocolate Easter eggs that are being given to food banks in the run up to the Easter holidays.

Goodwood is working with the Trussell Trust and a network of local food bank centres in the area to distribute the Easter eggs to those that need them the most. Food bank centres in Chichester, Portsmouth and Bognor Regis will each receive a share of the eggs, which include Galaxy, Mini Eggs, Maltesers and Creme Egg.

The chocolate eggs will be distributed to families who have been referred to the food banks as they are in crisis.

Donating eggs to support a variety of charities and families

Organised by Goodwood’s Director of Estate Sales Isobel Starbuck, who heads up the internal charity team, the egg drive is part of ongoing efforts to support a variety of charities with different initiatives.

“The Goodwood team has been thinking about how small actions can make a real difference in the community and our focus turned to Easter.” explained Starbuck. “Sadly, many families cannot afford to buy treats at this time for their children and we wanted to donate some Easter eggs. The results of our efforts will then be distributed to local foodbanks.”

Goodwood’s CEO Chris Woodgate motivated staff further by pledging to match the number of chocolate eggs donated.

“Isobel and her team are actively looking at ideas that we can do to help support important local causes and given the challenges that people are facing at the moment, this felt like a really great initiative to get behind,” said Woodgate. According to the Trussell Trust more than 14 million people in the UK live below the poverty line.

“Throughout the year Goodwood likes to organise a few collections for food banks. In the run up to last Christmas they were simply asking for donations of £1 chocolate advent calendars, as there were so many families who couldn’t afford to buy these for their children,” added Starbuck.

“It then struck us. A £1 chocolate calendar provided a child with 25 days of joy and the feeling of being included in something that most families take for granted.”


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