Glyndebourne Gallery 94 announces next art exhibition featuring Glyndebourne inspired works

glyndebourne gallery 94 exhibition

Glyndebourne Gallery 94 artist exhibition

The Unseen Everything is a new direction for Tom Homewood, an artist who has drawn and painted Glyndebourne. Focusing on the shifts of light and shadow, Homewood’s forms of Glyndebourne’s buildings and gardens are represented through a vibrant colour palette.

With an emphasis on colour, Homewood’s work celebrates the onset of spring, and this exhibition is Homewood’s first solo exhibition at Gallery 94.

The exhibition shows people what Homewood’s practice is, as alongside oil paintings, for the first time his drawings will also be on display. These drawings reveal his mark-making and handling of pictorial space.

Tom Homewood on Glyndebourne

The Unseen Everything is the title of the largest painting in the exhibition at Gallery 94. Drawn from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, it suggests notions of reflection, longing and the beauty of something still to be seen.

In Tom Homewood’s words, “Glyndebourne has been a part of my life since I was 16, when I was invited to work backstage. In recent years, it has been both a refuge and a source of inspiration. Wandering around the gardens, out of season, has given me a much needed change of pace and time to reevaluate my processes and the work itself.

“Being around such a creative community is so energising. I’ve felt free to take risks and try new things. There are several ‘firsts’ in this collection including a group of panel drawings and some extra wide landscape-format paintings, which I’m really looking forward to exhibiting.”

The Unseen Everything exhibition run time

The Unseen Everything exhibition in Glyndebourne Gallery 94 runs from 21st February – 31st March. It can be viewed during Glyndebourne’s second free Open Art Day on Sunday 20th March and by appointment at other times. The online viewing room for the exhibition can be found at

An introduction by Glyndebourne’s Curator Nerissa Taysom will accompany the exhibition. All of the works in the exhibition will be available to buy and prices will start from £350.00.


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