Get ready for this summer’s Space Chase library challenge

This year’s summer reading challenge takes place in space, in celebration of the
50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Books have mysteriously started to vanish from the Moon Library but with lots of help from children taking part in the challenge, they hope to find the missing books.

Space Chase: the Summer Reading Challenge starts in your local library on Saturday 13 July 2019

It’s free for families to take part and a great way to encourage children to read for enjoyment during the long summer holiday. Children can collect fun rewards as they read but, best of all, children are free to choose which library books they would like to read. There is a great selection of books to choose from – including stories for every age group; comic books; audio books; and information books about every topic – the choice is theirs!

After registering online for the challenge children will receive a special Space Chase wristband at their library. They have all summer to read six books so they can read at their own pace. As children read their books through the summer they return to the library to talk about the books they have read, collecting colourful, smelly stickers along the way and everyone who reads six books will be rewarded with a special Space Chase certificate and medal.

The main challenge is for children aged 4-11 years but younger children can take part in the Space Chase Mini Challenge, collecting stickers as they share library books and collecting a special ‘gold medal sticker’ and a certificate when they complete. Grown-ups may like to pick up a few books for themselves on their family visit to the library.  Research shows that children enjoy reading and improve their skills when adults around them read too. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Summer Reading Challenge so some parents may even remember taking part in the challenge when they were young.
We also recruit volunteers aged 14+ to help with the challenge. Volunteers explain how things work to families, chat with the children about the books they have read, give out  rewards and encourage children to make further visits to the library to progress through the challenge. Volunteering offers an invaluable opportunity to develop communication and interpersonal skills and a chance to give something back to your local community.

Are you ready for blast off? Space Chase is free – you just need a library card to
register – and if you don’t have one yet you can arrange one of those for free
too. Visit your local library or to find out more. Let the Space Chase begin!

Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge 


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