Gender Pay Gap Report shows Sussex Police perform well nationally

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

This week, Sussex Police launched a campaign to raise awareness of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. More commonly referred to as Clare’s Law, the DVDS was launched in 2014 after Clare Wood was murdered by a former partner in Manchester in 2009.

Sussex Police wholeheartedly support the Clare’s Law awareness campaign as not enough people know they have the right to know if their partner has a history of domestic abuse or violence.

Abusers and stalkers can be highly adept at hiding their past and the realisation of a partner’s true nature often comes too late.

I urge anybody in any doubt about a partner, or that of a family member to make an application for a disclosure. I completely understand that some people might see this step as a lack of trust with the person they want to trust completely but, if you feel that somebody isn’t right for you, please trust your instincts…you are probably right. You can find out more here.

Gender pay gap figures

This week saw an important milestone in pay transparency with public organisations across the country publishing their gender pay gap figures. This is a welcome move towards overall gender equality in the workplace and will help individuals make informed choices about which organisations they want to join.

An employee’s gender should not be the determining factor in how much they are paid so it is disappointing to think extensive pay disparity still exists 100 years since (some) women were allowed to vote.

The headline figures show that Sussex Police compares relatively well to the national average but the force will want to work harder to close that gap even further.


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