GB archer wins silver on the world stage at the Tlaxcala 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final

Ella Gibson - Photo credit - World Archery

Ella Gibson versus Sara Lopez Gold Medal match

Ella Gibson (Compound Women) and Bryony Pitman (Recurve Women) competed in this end of season archery finale in Mexico. It has been a good year for both Ella Gibson and Bryony Pitman on the road to the Tlaxcala 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final.

Ella Gibson secured a silver medal in the Compound Women competition in Mexico. Making her way to the final, Gibson took to the field in the Gold Medal match against Sara Lopez from Colombia whom she had beaten in their previous two meetings in the season, including a World Cup victory in Medellin.

The Lopez versus Gibson final ended with Gibson losing out by just two points in an encounter that saw Lopez secure the World Cup title for the seventh time.

Ella Gibson’s archery journey and victories

Gibson, 22 years old from Gloucestershire, has won gold in the Compound Women’s event at the Hyundai World Cup Stage 1 in Antalya and in Paris for Stage 3 of the tournament.

Shortly after she went on to overtake Sara Lopez as world number one after beating Lopez to take gold at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. Securing gold in Medellin at the Hyundai World Cup 2022 Stage 4 event which put Gibson in a positive position for the World Cup Finals in Mexico.

Gibson said: “It’s been a surreal experience to be part of this event, the city and organising committee went above and beyond for us having the largest audience I’ve ever seen. Of course I am a little disappointed to walk away without winning but the world cup final is something I have never experienced and gained so much from.

“This whole year has been incredible for me, if you asked me at the start if I would make the world cup final this season I would probably have laughed so to finish this way may not be everything I want but a great stepping stone forward.

“I know I’ll be back there with another chance to win and more experience under my belt to do it and I can’t wait.”

Bryony Pitman’s archery journey and victories

Bryony Pitman took to the archery field in the Women’s Recurve World Cup quarterfinals, facing against number-one seed Misun Choi of Korea. It was a closely contested event but Pitman’s time in the World Cup ended with a 6th position overall.

Pitman, age 25 from Shoreham, West Sussex, took individual gold at the Antalya Hyundai World Cup 2022 Stage 1 and silver in the Recurve Mixed Team.

In Medellin she secured a silver medal with the Recurve Women’s team. She also won individual silver in the Recurve Women category in both the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama and the World Archery Field championship in Yankton, United States.


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