Gatwick at the centre of the 360 decline

CAGNE, Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions, has today (13th August) written to the Secretary for State Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, concerning the unacceptable strategy of prosperity at any price, that’s according to the latest business led report ‘Gatwick 360’ by Coast to Capital Enterprise Partnership.

CAGNE say that the report completely ignores the disastrous impact Gatwick Airport has on the counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent; the decline in the wellbeing of its communities and asks of the Secretary for State for assurance that Gatwick Airport will be restrained.

The areas surrounding Gatwick, according to Coast to Capital Enterprise Partnership, are an ‘area to be known around the world as fantastic places to live, to grow and succeed and for the area to become the most dynamic non-city region in England, centred around a highly successful Gatwick Airport.’ And yet the growth of Gatwick, which aims to break the 50m passenger target, takes no account of the lack of infrastructure in the road and rail that is causing the area to grind to a halt and produce a marked  decline in air quality.

Business and locals are already suffering the road works on the M23* with the introduction of a ‘smart road’ system which was planned for the natural growth of the area up to 2040 and not for Gatwick’s growth.   In addition much is made of the improvements at East Croydon of the Windmill rail junction** but this again was planned for the natural growth of passengers in the southeast and not for Gatwick to congest the network with more low cost sun seekers and their luggage.

It is extremely exasperating that leaders, such as Louise Goldsmith of West Sussex County Council, and Rt Hon Greg Clark MP both ignore the impact Gatwick is having on their geographical areas of responsibility with the increases in Gatwick aircraft noise 24 hours a day.

Gatwick causes a major bottleneck on the rail and road networks and stops the growth and prosperity of other businesses and impacts the wellbeing of residents, voters, who have to suffer the congested roads outside their homes as passengers endeavour to reach Gatwick; parked cars on their verges; the high street can’t compete with the low cost shopping at the Gatwick malls which entice a trapped audience to spend before they leave the UK; and causes major issues for rail passengers that find the line jam-packed with luggage and sombreros.

The CEO of Gatwick describes it as the ‘growth corridor from London to Brighton’. We would refer to it as the traffic jam corridor of declining air quality, over crowded areas with little in the way of schools, hospitals, affordable housing, lack of staff, and non stop unacceptable levels of noise from aircraft making rural areas of Sussex, Kent and Surrey noise ghettos.


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