Fresh new way to sell local produce: Lancing and Shoreham markets unite

The finest fresh produce from across Sussex will be showcased to an even bigger audience as Adur District Council unveils plans to relaunch it’s award-winning markets programme.

This week, Lancing Village market, Shoreham Farmers’ market and Shoreham Artisans’ market are being rebranded under the umbrella of Adur Markets.

From local butchers to artisan bread makers, small-batch gin producers to renowned local artists, all three have developed a reputation for giving local people a chance to sell fresh field produce, artisan products and crafts.

By bringing the markets together under one banner, the aim is ensure people can access information on all markets in one place while maintaining the specialities of each event.

The rebrand will come into force this weekend (April 21) and coincides with Lancing market moving to a new high-profile location in North Street. With mobile farm animals and entertainment throughout the morning, it is set to be a fitting curtain raiser of what

John Kerr, who managers Adur Markets for Adur District Council, said: “The relaunch of the markets is driven by the aim to bring traders, local businesses and customers together in Lancing and Shoreham.

“Traders visit all three markets, there’s an overlap and the rebrand recognises this as well as encouraging shoppers to visit all three too. If their favourite pie man isn’t at their market one week, they don’t have to wait a month, they can visit another Adur market instead. Having all the information in one place, under one banner makes this easier. Just look for the red tomato, it’s that simple.”

The tomato logo chosen for the Adur Markets has a contemporary feel but is a gentle nod to the history of Adur as a market garden district. Tomatoes were a common crop grown in greenhouses up until the post-war period.

Fruit and veg are still on offer at all three markets but the products on offer are becoming more diverse. Traditional and long-standing stallholders are now trading alongside emerging businesses with small-batch gin producers, artisan bread makers and chocolatiers bringing their wares to Adur Markets.

The rebranding is a celebration of the Adur’s history and signals the Council’s continuing commitment to the future of selling fresh produce at markets across the area.

Initiatives include:

  • The relocation of Lancing market to a more central location in North Road;
  • A drive to support small lifestyle businesses by offering a free pitch for a trader’s first market;
  • Keeping pitch fees at a competitive rate;
  • The introduction of Enterprise stalls where traders are supported with guidance on insurance and environmental health issues.
  • Using the Adur Market ‘kit’ to support smaller market events across the district;
  • The creation of a one-stop Facebook/Web page listing events happening in all three markets.

The launch of Adur Markets will take place at Lancing Village markets’ new location on North Road this Saturday. The market will be bigger than ever and will include all of the markets’ favourite stalls and a selection of traders attending for the first time.

So far they have small-batch gin, a fishmonger, chocolatiers, local honey and much more. Poppins mobile farm animals will be on site to meet the kids and Worthing’s steel band will be performing as well as other live entertainment throughout the morning.

All three markets will continue to operate on their usual Saturdays

  • Shoreham Farmers’ Market, East St  2nd Saturday of each month – 9am-2pm
  • Lancing Village Market, North Road   3rd Saturday of each month – 9am-1pm
  • Shoreham Artisans’ Market, East St   4th Saturday of each month – 9am – 2pm


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