Free the nipple movement returns to Brighton

Free the Nipple Brighton march will be making its glorious way along Brighton seafront!

Award winning Free the Nipple Brighton is the largest Free the Nipple collective in the UK and this year’s march promises to be the biggest and boldest yet. The event is free, accessible and open to everyone, designed to challenge patriarchal ideas surrounding bodies, nipples and breasts. It is a truly inclusive day of activism, protest and celebration.

In a society that uses breasts to sell everything from cars to perfume, Free the Nipple Brighton seeks to dismantle the concept of breasts and women’s bodies being inherently sexual, arguing that the dictatorship of the male gaze is toxic and damaging for everyone. Diet culture, censorship, ‘slut shaming’, the beauty industry and transphobia also come under fire and the campaign acknowledges the many intersections and layers within the issues connected to Free the Nipple.

Organiser Bee Nicholls said:
“No one’s body is shameful. No one’s body deserves to be censored more than someone else’s. No one’s body is inherently sexual no matter the context. The message nipple censorship sends is that we must consider ourselves to be sex objects. No matter what we are doing. Whether we are feeding our children or going for a swim. Dancing in a night club or sunbathing. No matter what, we must consider ourselves sex objects and take responsibility for whatever society will throw at us as a result. If you challenge that perception you’re asking for trouble. It’s time to change that narrative! Equality means we ALL get the same freedoms. That’s what this march is all about.”

How to get involved

The march will meet at 2pm on Old Steine Gardens for one hour to get organised, body painted and prepared for the walk. At 3pm the procession will move to Brighton seafront and walk to the i360. The route is fully accessible and the pace of the march will be slow with regular rest stops. A stewarding team are on hand at all times to assist and support participants. After the walk, a picnic will occupy space on the seafront from 4pm.‘Glitter Nips’, a ticketed after party organised by Pop Up Brighton at the North Laine Brewhouse, will kick off at 9pm which will raise money for breast cancer charities. The march is safe and suitable for all ages and the party will be 18+. People of all genders are warmly welcomed and no one is required to be topless to take part.

Last week Facebook deleted Pop Up Brighton’s business page and took down the event due to breech of so-called community standards. Founder Ashleigh Ward said:

“I have been running Pop-Up Brighton for 8 years now and have picked up a strong following on Facebook and social media. Pop-Up Brighton aims to support all of the creative community by putting on events providing free artistic opportunities for female, LGBTQ+, BAME and homeless individuals and communities. Glitter Nips is one such event, not only supporting female artists but that also raises money for breast cancer charities. I am pleased to say over the past 3 years that we have raised over £7k for such charities. This event also raises awareness, empowers women and helps to fight sexism over the taboo and sexualization of female nipples in public. I’m fully aware of Facebook’s policy for nudity on their platform so I have been very cautious about the content I upload. Today, I tried to upload a short promo video for the event on to Facebook only to find they have taken down the Pop-Up Brighton page. The Pop-Up Brighton page has over 7K followers and with just a little over a week to the event, this is going to cause huge damage ticket sales. It’s not just a shame for us or all the artists involved but also all the money that we raise for charity.”

The party is very much still going ahead and participants from all over the UK will be enjoying a packed night of DJs, art and performances in celebration of the Free the Nipple movement.

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