Free The Nipple Takes To Brighton Seafront

Free the Nipple Brighton

On the 7th July 2018 a march will take place from Old Steine Gardens along Brighton Seafront. The march is called Free the Nipple Brighton.

The purpose of the march is to highlight the double standard that says that men may bare their chests where women may not, despite the prevalent sexualised images of women’s bodies everywhere in our media, in advertising and online.

Breasts are so intensely sexualised that women often come under fire for merely nursing infants in public, and people are frequently banned from social media platforms for showing even part of a woman’s nipple. This double standard is symptom of a wider issue in attitudes towards women, and has damaging sexist undertones. This issue not only impacts women, but the trans community too, as the nudity we are or aren’t allowed is generally dictated by how our society perceives gender and the expectations of what bodies should look like.

With hundreds of people potentially attending, Free The Nipple Brighton will be a fun, family-friendly and 100% inclusive day to challenge perceptions of breasts, normalise all bodies and cultivate positive ideas. Those attending the march are invited to be topless, clothed or fancy-dressed. Every part of the march is wheelchair and pram friendly.

The Free The Nipple movement began back in 2012 following a feature film of the same name created by a woman in the USA. Six years on, the movement is worldwide. Brighton has played host to the march for several years with growing success and popularity. Bee Nicholls and an amazing team of volunteers including Mickey F, Dani Simmons, Beckah Hawkins, Dory Jane Valentine, Lottie Woods, Roni Guetta, Rachel Beck, Suze Smethurst and Vicki Cook have worked hard to ensure the event is accessible and open to all gender expressions, sexualities, ages and identities.

At the end of the march there will be opportunities to get creative, enjoy an artwork exhibition, network with like-minded folk over drinks and food, and experience some wholesome and powerful activism. An after party is also taking place, hosted by queer club night party starters Traumfrau.

Quote from Bee:

“100 years ago the Suffragettes started the journey towards equal voting rights. Now in 2018 we must continue to challenge the patriarchy in all it’s forms. Free the Nipple Brighton is not just about nipples – it’s about taking a stand against how the bodies of women and trans folk are sexualised, shamed and scrutinised. This double standard must end. On 7 July we will come together to show this City what true equality looks like!”

The event will proceed as follows:

  • Meet at 2pm – at Old Steine Gardens
  • Set off on the march at 3pm along the seafront
  • Rally at 3.45pm at Pop-Up Brighton by the i360
  • Traumfrau After Party at 8.30pm – at Rialto Theatre

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