Make the staff at Hastings Adventure Golf laugh to get a free round of golf

Tim Vine at hastings adventure golf course

Comedian Tim Vine set to play Hastings Adventure Golf course

On Wednesday 27th, comedy legend Tim Vine is set to light up the Hastings Adventure Golf with laughter on the final stretch of his UK tour, TIM VINE Breeeep!

Ahead of his performance, the golf enthusiast will head down to Hasting’s seafront to take on 18 holes at Pelham Place. The course, which has been described as the spiritual home of Crazy Golf, has been attracting pros and amateurs alike.

To celebrate Tim’s visit, the seaside staple will be offering a free round to players who can tell one of Vine’s infamous one-liners. The comedian, who has won the funniest joke award at the Edinburgh Fringe twice, is a crazy golf fanatic.

Vine has graced the fairways of many Pro-Am events and once challenged Paul Gascoigne to an 18-course crazy golf competition. Speaking ahead of his visit to Hasting, Vine said: “This bloke said to me, ‘I feel obliged to carry your golf clubs.’ I said, ‘You have got to be caddying.’”

How to get your free round at Hastings Adventure Golf:

  • Download the Hastings Adventure Golf
  • Visit the course between Monday (25) and Wednesday (27) September
  • Tell us one of Tim Vine’s iconic one-liners, Hasting Adventure Golf will give you an extra game on the day (for up to five people).
  • Hastings Adventure Golf will be posting a different joke on Facebook at 8am each day

Simon Tompkins, director of Hastings Adventure Golf, said: “Tim is a comedy legend, and it is fantastic that he can take on the best of Hastings Adventure Golf. To get a free round turn up at our window, repeat the joke to one of our team, and you’ll receive a complimentary game on the same day free of charge.


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