Free Boxing Lessons for Boys and Girls Aged 5-17

Free youth boxing lessons in Storrington in April 2023
The Chanctonbury Leisure Centre in Storrington has announced a free Community Youth Boxing Programme for boys and girls aged 5-17 years. This unique opportunity provides young individuals with the chance to learn the fundamentals of boxing while staying active in a safe and supportive environment.
The programme consists of two sessions, namely Little Champs Boxing for children aged 5-11 years, and Community Youth Boxing for children aged 11-17 years. Both sessions are held on Tuesdays, with Little Champs Boxing taking place from 4 pm to 4.55 pm, followed by Community Youth Boxing from 5 pm to 5.55 pm. Each session runs for 10 weeks and is completely free of charge.
The Little Champs Boxing programme is tailored for younger children who may be new to the sport of boxing. It focuses on teaching basic boxing skills such as footwork, punches, and defensive techniques, in a fun and engaging manner.
The Community Youth Boxing programme, on the other hand, is designed for older children who have some prior experience in boxing and are looking to further develop their skills. The course covers more advanced techniques, including sparring, with an emphasis on proper form and technique.
Parents interested in enrolling their children in either programme can book their child’s place by contacting the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre at 01903 681 220 or sending an email to [email protected].


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