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With over 78,000 children and young people in care there has never been a greater need for foster carers. 1,700 of these children and young people live in Sussex and we are urging people to think about whether they have the time and space to take that step to becoming a foster carer.

FosterCare UK is an independent fostering agency, founded in 2007 and we work with superb foster parents across the South East of England. We’re dedicating to making a difference to the lives of children and young people by finding them a caring and loving home if for whatever reason they can’t stay with their birth parents or in their family home. We provide many different types of foster care services, from short-term, long-term, respite care, siblings, parent & child and therapeutic foster care placements – meaning there is a type of fostering suitable for everyone.

There are many myths surrounding becoming a foster carer which are all unfounded. To become a foster carer, you need to be any age over 21.

You can be:

• Married, single, divorced, or in a civil partnership
• Any gender or sexual orientation
• Rent or own your home
• Of any ethnicity, race, religion, or culture
• A parent or not

Being a foster parent can be one of the most rewarding and important career choices a person can make. As a foster carer, you are helping to change the life of a child or young person.

Jasmin, our foster carer describes foster care perfectly: “Challenging, ever-demanding yet immensely rewarding. I’ve been fostering with FosterCare UK for almost 3 years and have not regretted it!”

FosterCare UK will provide you with the training and support through advice, information, and courses to help you to become a foster carer.

If you would like to make that first step or just want some more information, then please contact our recruitment team so we can have a chat and answer your initial questions. You can reach the team on: 0844 800 1941 or visit

FosterCare UK
FosterCare UK


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