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Fittleworth, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th December 2017.

Development at School Close

A member of the public reported that large lorries were cutting up the verges  due to their having to manoeuvre around awkwardly-parked residents’ cars. Also that the road was lifting due to the lorry weight. Prior to commencement of the work, the Parish Council had suggested to residents that a photographic record be kept of the existing condition of the verges. It was suggested that this be recovered and the developers approached by residents in order for the damage to be rectified.

Signs, ambulances, mobile, broadband

Extracts from the Joint Community Forum (run by Chichester District Council)  on 7th December. Road signs are deteriorating, the ambulance service is taking up to 50 minutes to attend calls, and broadband and mobile coverage were still hopeless in some areas. presentations were made on how planning decisions were made and enforced.

Councillor resignations

At the time of the meeting there were two vacancies for Parish Councillors, but the parish Clerk had been contacted by two people who may be interested .

Update on new Data Protection laws (GDPR)

These come into force in May of this year, and ait will eb necessary for the Council to appoint a competent person in the role of Data Protection Officer. It may be possible to appoint a company which says it will act in this capacity, offer compliance and continued support for £150 per annum. further details will emerge but in the meantime this amount has been provided for in the new budget, and the clerk is attending a briefing session in February about the new regulations.

Health and Safety responsibilities

Responsibility for a reporting timetable on health and safety  issues in various public areas of the parish including Centenary Garden, Hesworth Common, Pavilion, Playground, Recreations Ground, The Triangle and village tree inspections were agreed, together with the councillor responsible for each area.

Village Shop update

The application to the Leader Fund at WSCC was successful and have been awarded £75,000 subject to conditions. Total grants to date is now £132,500. In total, including grants, the share offer, donations and fundraising over £200,000 has been raised. A new tree will be planted as soon as possible to replace the one recently felled at the playground.

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