Fittleworth Council November News

Fittleworth, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 17th September 2018.

County and District Councillor reports

A further £150m budget reduction is required in the County Council budget: West Sussex Crowd funding – to date 70 organisations have applied for crowd

funding.; where white lines are fading outside properties, WSCC can come and reapply, however at a cost of £150 per household; Is funding available for Fittleworth traffic ideas? Funding is not currently available. Suggested WSSC Crowd funding; JD (West Sussex County Councillor for Petworth) has attended the Universal Credit Workshop. She feels this will be a good scheme once it is working correctly.

Public Questions

Greatpin Croft resident complained about the lack of action to resolve the ongoing car parking issue as a result of the School Close development work vehicles, school traffic and Village Hall use. This issue has been discussed at the Parish Council meetings over the last year and the Parish Council tried to encourage the developers to park with more consideration and has also mentioned the issue to the school. The powers of the Parish Council are limited. Any immediate potential danger due to restricted visibility to should be reported directly to the police.

Alan Sutton – Introduced himself as the candidate for the Conservatives for the County Councillor role for Fittleworth at the May 2019 elections. The Ward boundaries will be changing in May 2019 and Fittleworth will no longer fall under Petworth Ward. Alan Sutton will be shortly taking up the role as a Governor of the West Sussex NHS Foundation Trust. (Governance post). He is happy to help the Parish Council on any hospital related issues.

Neighbourhood Plan update

CW reported that the submission version is taking longer than expected to incorporate all the necessary changes. It is Hoped it will be completed before the October Parish Council meeting. Once approved by the Parish Council, then the plan can be submitted to SDNPA for a 6 week consultation.

Bowls Club Ground rent. 5 year review due 29th September 2018.  The Annual ground rent is currently £25 set in 2003. The rent is reviewed every 5 years except for the last period which is for 6 years. The Agreement is for 21 years. This will be last rent review before the Lease Agreement needs to be renewed on 29th September 2024. Agreed that the ground rent remain at £25 per year until the Lease Agreement is renewed by 29th September 2024.


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