Fittleworth Council News for October

Fittleworth, West Sussex

Extract from draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 9th July 2018

Quarry, Bognor Common, Stretch Hill

A parishioner has logged a Letter of Concern about stone being imported (breach of the planning consent), and additional building and motorbike noise.

Highways & Footpaths

  1. Stretch of Pavement in Upper Street outside The Glebe. At the last meeting it was reported that a WSCC drainage team will be sent out to investigate. An update has not been received to date.
  2. Alley Dick Footpath by School Close – clearance. A parishioner complained about the state of the footpath and the overhanging trees. Grasstex quoted for the work. £480 +VAT to clear the path, however this does not include any work on the mature trees.  Agreed to go ahead with the work.

iii. School Close. Reported that WSCC will get developers to reinstate the verges and roads once the development is complete. If not WSCC have stated they will reinstate site.

  1. The Fleet/School Lane. BT manhole cover. Reported this on the Love West Sussex app and still waiting for BT to rectify.
  2. School Lane Parking. Once the development at School Close has been completed and the Shop and Playground have been finished then it is hoped the parking issue will be resolved.
  3. Sandy Lane Parking – No further action to be taken.

vii. Lower Street road safety. Following the drafting and distribution of the letter to the residents of St Richards Cottages about road safety, responses have been received from some residents. A response has been drafted but not yet sent.

viii. Drainage – Little Bognor Lane by Leconfield Fishing Ponds. The Clerk contacted the Leconfield Estate. Although the Estate does not own the land where the problem is located, they will attend a site visit to see what can be done.

ix.Lower Street/ School Lane traffic concerns Issue raised by a parishioner. The Police occasionally have a speed camera in use in the afternoons in and around Fittleworth, however the main issue is between 5-7pm weekdays and large trucks in the mornings going over 40 mph. Another danger point is overtaking on The Fleet close to the Limbourne Lane junction. The following ideas were suggested:-

  • White gates to enter village (similar to Chiddingfold)
  • Red road markings need to be reinstated
  • Purchase a solar sign speed awareness sign


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