Fittleworth Council January News

Fittleworth, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th November 2018.

District and County reports

County- It is budget time and a decision will be made in February 2019 with regards to the statutory requirements and how these can be cut back. There is a need to reduce the budget by £165m over the planning period.

Request to bring up policing issues at the next Council meeting. The current cover of policing in the area has reduced further and car break ins are increasing at an alarming rate.

Public Questions

  1. a) Policing – The number of car break ins in cars parks at favourite walking locations has been increasing. The Arun Prevention Team (Police) will be attending the Parish Council Meeting on 16/9/19. This issue will be raised. However, in the meantime, every six months the Parish Council are invited by SALC (The Sussex Association of Local Councils) to submit questions to the Sussex Police Panel. Parishioners and councillors are asked to submit questions to the clerk in order to be able to submit any questions when next asked by SALC.
  2. b) Footpath at rear of School Close – Tree and state of footpath issues – An email was received by the clerk about the trees overhanging the rear gardens of properties 1-7 School Close. The homeowners are worried about the close proximity of the large trees, that the trees cut out daylight from properties, as well as making the ground unsuitable for planting due to the excessive shade. Another issue is the disposal of the fallen leaves.

Secondly, the footpath is also rendered inaccessible during periods of heavy rainfall and although some remedial work has been carried out at the far end closer to the common the rest of the path can become ankle deep in mud at times.

The Parish Council believe the semi mature oak trees in question are owned by the Primary School. CW will investigate. The Parish Council have a limited budget, and as a result cannot employ a contractor to sort out the footpath at this time. However, the Parish Council proposed that if materials are provided to improve the surface of the footpath, the Parish Council would ask the Residents association to arrange manpower (volunteers from the properties and other local residents) to spread the chipping along the footpath.

Editor’s note – there is a link here surely between the lack of police cover and the inability for the council to maintain trees. Funding, or lack of same. Meanwhile cars are broken into and footpaths can’t be used.


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