First female chairman for Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign

GACC, Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, announces a new structure to better utlise the dedicated long standing GACC Committee, with the aim of being more agile and responsive in its work to counter the threat from Gatwick Airport and its master plan for a 3 runway airport.

Brendon Sewill, having being the Chairman of GACC for over 6 decades and hugely respected accepts the prestigious position of GACC President in recognition of his commitment to, and his sacrifices for, the GACC cause and the long-suffering communities and environment surrounding Gatwick.

Peter Barclay, Brendon’s successor, steps down from his role as Chairman to take on the important role of Vice President in addition to continuing to be the GACC lead with Gatwick, both national and regionally.

After over 60 years, GACC appoints its 1st female Chairman, Lisa Morris who said “I am honoured to be entrusted with the role of Chairman at a time when GACC seeks to fight Gatwick’s master plan for a 3 runway airport”.

After close to 5 years as a GACC Committee Member, the new Chairman, Lisa Morris, said:

“The GACC committee is poised to use its combined forces of knowledge, expertise and sheer determination, to challenge Gatwick’s master plan, which includes bringing the emergency runway into routine use and safeguarding land in the Gatwick vicinity for a 3rd runway”.

As GACC moves forward, there will be a focus on further strengthening and developing the Committee structure and utilising the varied skillset of Committee members for maximum impact.

GACC will continue to fight on behalf of all communities and so we encourage residents to make sure their nominal membership fees are up to date to ensure and they are on the GACC mailing list.

“This is a key way to keep communities of Sussex, Surrey and Kent informed of important developments concerning Gatwick and airspace changes.  I live in Smallfield and therefore know what it is like to endure aircraft noise and the ramifications of the airport on our roads and railways,  so I would encourage you, as local people, to take advantage of opportunities to help maximise the impact of GACC, by getting involved so as to minimise the impact that Gatwick Airport has on you and your life,” said Lisa.

If you are inspired to join the GACC Committee, please get in touch for an informal conversation.  You do not need to be an aviation expert (although we welcome those too), but you will want to gift your time and skills to GACC to protect communities and the environment from the negative impact of Gatwick Airport.


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