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West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is offering alternative ways of ensuring vulnerable residents are fire safe in their homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

The service will be offering their free Safe and Well Visits via phone, Skype and by posting a useful resource document.
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Safe and Well visits are a way of offering advice on how to stay safe as well as smoke detectors and other specialist fire equipment totally free of charge.
Nicki Peddle, Head of Prevention for the fire and rescue service said, “It’s really important that we keep our most vulnerable residents safe during this period of uncertainty.
“We’d also like to remind carers and family members that if they know someone that they think isn’t fire safe, they can refer them for some Safe and Well advice.”

Fire safety advice from the service includes:

 Smoke alarms should be on every level of the home. Check they’re working regularly.
– Avoid smoking in comfortable furniture or beds #DontSnoozeAndSmoke
– Fires such as log burners should be cleaned regularly, and guards placed around any open flames.
– Electrical items should be checked, don’t overload plug sockets. Don’t leave anything on charge overnight.
– Try and be more careful in the kitchen. 50% of home fires start here.
– You should close your doors at night in case a fire breaks out. This will help to contain the fire/toxic smoke and prevent the spread by up to 20 minutes.
Book or refer someone for free Safe and Well advice here:


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