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Early Years children at Vale School, Findon recently had an exciting visit from Worthing’s Fire & Rescue Service. Children found out about the role of a firefighter and the different parts of their job, including fire fighting, rescue operations, road traffic accidents and home safety. We learnt about the importance of having a fire alarm in your house and making sure you test it on ‘Check it Tuesday’.

The fire service explained what do to if there was a fire in your house. ‘Get out, stay out and call 999’ and they also told us never to touch lighters or matches. ‘Matches, lighters never touch, they can hurt us very much.’

One of our teachers got to dress up as a firefighter so we could see what they wear and why they wear it. Fire fighters have one and a half minutes from when the bell goes at the Fire Station to be in their engine, so they have to change very quickly! They keep their trousers on their boots to help them be quick!

We were lucky enough to have the chance to explore the fire engine. We listened to the sirens and the different sounds they make. They were very loud! We found out about all the equipment on board the engine and what it is used for. The engine holds 1800l of water and would run for approximately nine minutes if two hoses were being used. We had the opportunity to spray the hose and we found out how powerful it was!

We had a great morning and we really enjoyed learning all about being a firefighter. Thank you to Worthing’s Fire & Rescue Service.

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