Findon Parish Council November News

Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 6th August 2018

Car Club at the Black Horse. The Clerk had written to the Black Horse manager regarding the concerns raised regarding noise etc and Cllr Barnett had offered to discuss the situation.

Wintons car parking notice. This was deferred until Cllr Ball was available.

Open Spaces. A quotation had been obtained for a new greens mower for £54k and it was considered very unlikely that another grant from WSCC would be forthcoming. Following escalation by the Clerk, the grass and vegetation on the A24 verges and central reservation had been cut. The replacement tree request remained outstanding.

A member had recently drawn ADC’s attention to the car park access to the allotment gardens/cemetery following allotment holders being asked by strangers if they had any scrap for sale. Cllr Carr updated the Council regarding the proposed purchase of a ‘Billy Goat’ machine that would clear leaves on paths and blockages of gullies as part of the Open Spaces Volunteers activities. The machine would cost £1750.00 plus VAT, and would need a spare bag, hose kit and potentially an extended warranty to be purchased at the same time. There was currently £900.00 remaining in the budget for the 2018/19 financial year. Following training, it would be operated by Cllrs Carr and Wilson and could be stored in either the Wattle House or with the greens mower at Cissbury. It was considered that, subject to a successful demonstration and storage arrangements, the machine would be a good asset for FPC and the village as a whole.

Public questions: 20mph speed limit was not being adhered to in either Stable Lane or the village centre, and due to the amount of traffic, this was an ‘accident waiting to happen’ to horse riders and pedestrians alike. Councillors advised that FPC was aware of vehicles not keeping to the 20mph speed limit and that there could be the potential for a Speedwatch initiative in Nepcote, High Street and Horsham Road.

Sheep Fair – The Fair was very successful with approximately 7k attendees and 1600 parked vehicles. Cllr Wilson advised that although the traffic management system this year had worked very well, there were a lot of people walking up and down Nepcote close to the cars. He would suggest at a future Sheep Fair Committee meeting that the use of Stop/Go boards could effective.


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