Findon Parish Council May News

Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 4th March 2019.

Village Hall extension

The Chairman invited Judith Davies, Findon Village Hall Trust (FVHT) Chairman, and David Gear, FVHT Secretary to address the meeting.

The Secretary provided a background to the current financial situation and insufficient funds to complete the new extension which had now been put on hold. The building contractor had confirmed willingness to continue with the work when funding was available.

Four options were suggested at the recent FVHT AGM including approaching the Parish Council (FPC) to assess the feasibility regarding a Public Works Loan (PWL).

Some funding had already been received from villagers.

The FVHT Chairman reported that although 82% of the extension work had been completed, outstanding work included pipe and drainage work, soakaway, carpentry and plumbing, screeding of the new floor (71 days in total), wheelchair accessibility, kitchen, cycle racks, bat boxes, and lined car park markings. The approximate cost would be £40k.

A meeting would be held on 7 March 2019 by FVHT together with a forensic accountant and a surveyor, with the architect as an observer, regarding the financial situation and a report was expected seven days after the meeting.

The Chairman invited Trevor Leggo to provide details of the criteria etc for a PWL application, summarised as follows:

  • FPC has the power to borrow for capital projects, but not to lend;
  • Any application must have demonstrable public support by way of thorough public consultation;
  • Application must include FPC ‘Resolution to borrow £xx’ minute, current/next years budget, details of how FPC would afford the loan repayments, if the Precept was to be increased to cover repayments; and a full report and Business Case from FVHT for scrutiny by Sussex Association of Local Councils (SALC)
  • Any initial application must be cleared by SALC;
  • The PWL Board is Treasury funded; and
  • Borrowing approval and consent is given by the Secretary of State. Should FPC be successful, any funding for the FVHT would be by way of a grant and the PWL repaid by FPC at a fixed rate e.g. 2% for an agreed term.

It was resolved that Findon Parish Council defers any consideration for a Public Works Loan until further information regarding the FVHT financial situation is available.

Flooring grant Reference was made to the Grant Application form and quote for new

flooring in the existing Village Hall (as previously circulated). In response to question, the FVHT Chairman advised that:

  • A number of residents had pledged a one year interest free loan towards the cost of the new flooring, however a grant contribution was also sought from FPC;
  • Investigate the use of maple for the new floor to match the current floor; alternative materials would also be investigated.

Any consideration for a grant towards the current Village Hall flooring would be deferred until further information is available.

Findon Village Pre-school

The representative from the Pre-School was unable to attend the meeting to present the update on 2019 fundraising activities, and the high level timeline previously circulated was noted. FPC agreed that clarity was needed on the school’s future ambitions.

Traffic, Environment, People

The proposed A24 40mph speed limit from Bost Hill to the Black Horse was subject to agreement by the Joint Eastern Arun Area Committee (JEAAC) in November 2019, although FPC could fund this independently at a cost of £9k+. Reference was made to the five applications submitted to the SDNPA infrastructure funding.


  • Pledges £100.00 towards the St John the Baptist Primary School PTA Summer Revels funding bid to WSCC Community Initiative Fund should their bid be successful;
  • Gifts the Pre-School the previous FPC laptop, if wanted.
  • Arranges a survey regarding moles on North Green at a cost of £21.00;
  • Contributes up to £1k towards the replacement post and rail fencing next to the car park to the east of North Green and approves AC Gardens as the contractor.
  • Does not wish to take part in the Great British Spring Clean due to the active Open Spaces Volunteer working group; and
  • Does not wish to enter Parishes in Bloom for 2019

Clapham & Patching

Despite our best efforts to bring you news from Clapham & Patching Parish Councils, their websites are updated infrequently and they do not answer our telephone messages or emails. We will persevere!



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